Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plastic Bags

I just read about this on another blog, and had to share. Now, I am not as passionate about not taking plastic bags from the stores as others, but I do have a few canvas bags and I do use them. Love them actually! They hold a lot, the handles don't cut into your hand, and so far I haven't paid for any of them! I even entered a contest and designed a bag - you can go vote for my bag by clicking here. Every vote is truly appreciated! Anyhow - back to the original post; apparently, Washington, D.C. has instituted a plastic bag tax (five cents per bag) and thus has reduced the number of plastic bags going to landfills by 19.5 million per month. Yes, you read that right - NINETEEN AND A HALF MILLION PER MONTH! (They also raised $150,000.00 in the process, which is awesome but not as awesome, In My Humble Opinion, as the number of bags they DIDN'T use!) Personally, I had no idea that many bags could be used in 6 months, let alone a single month, and this was just for Washington, D.C.! I have never investigated how many plastic bags are used by people, so I do not have a frame of reference. I can tell you that I don't throw away plastic bags - I save them for re-use. I do have plans for making welcome mats and grocery totes with some of my bags, and maybe someday I won't ever get them from the store again! Oh, and you can bet that I'll be picking up some of those mesh bags from the Dollar Tree next time I'm there (as mentioned on the above-linked blog). Yes, this post is rather short, but sweet - and I just had to share my amazement with all of you!

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